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Being a Research Center

Love this site, congrads! As Restartlab from Turkey, for the last one year we are heavily focused on Rendanheyi and working on creating awareness about Rendanheyi model in Turkey. In this manner, we are looking forward to learn more about research centers and may be establishing on in Turkey. 


3 March 2021 : 06:35 am


Sylvia Hi Mehmet,
This is Sylvia from Haier Model Research Institute (HMI). Thanks for touching base. It's indeed a surprise to see what you have done with RDHY. Welcome to share more stories of your RDHY transmission journey, and welcome to contact for the research center issue. :)

Sylvia 3 March 2021 : 07:41 am

Mehmet Yitmen Thanks alot Sylvia! Actually i did write to few times but no response yet :( anyhow, i will try again now 3 March 2021 : 13:20 pm
Mehmet Yitmen May i please kindly ask you to check my email? Looking forward to hear back from you ???? 2 March 2021 : 14:02 pm

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