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How can you and your organization maximise the power of ecosystems? Our unique series of free access webinars offers a smorgasbord of insight, practical tools and inspiration for all those trying to make sense of business ecosystems.  The launch event of the Business Ecosystem Alliance, The Power of Ecosystems provides you with access to the state of the art of ecosystem thinking and best practice. This is your last chance to sign up! Learn more:

3 March 2021 : 10:08 am


Monika Kosman According to our guest speaker Janka Krings-Klebe, the power of ecosystems is the ability to quickly take advantage of emerging business opportunities. Is your organization taking full advantage of the power of business ecosystems? 3 March 2021 : 11:16 am
Monika Kosman "Ecosystems might just be what we need to push us towards re-thinking our management models."

-- Raymond Hofmann

Are you ready to re-think your management model in your own organization? 3 March 2021 : 11:33 am

Monika Kosman What role do you think values play in creating ecosystems and holding them connected? 3 March 2021 : 11:46 am

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