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A course offering for the Rendanheyi model

Technologies and markets in every industry are now subject to frequent and unpredictable change, putting a premium on qualities like entrepreneurship, nimbleness, and rapid response.

The Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center and Stephen Denning, the author of seven business books and 900 articles for Forbes, offer the 'state-of-the art' course Winning in the Digital Age-Leadership in the 21st century for business leaders. This highly interactive course will provide you with a mindset, transformation cases, as well as with tools and techniques to understand your current status, map the potential for change, identify hidden pitfalls and constraints, and explore the next steps to lead your company towards becoming a winner in the age of digital. For more details about the course, please read the attached flyer.

The price for the course is $800 per participant. However, we will offer an early bird discount of 10% and an additional 10% discount by using this code: executive10

For registration and payment,

please go to: 

Instructions for registration and payment:

1. Fill in your personal details and ADD TO BASKET

2. Select quantity and go to CHECKOUT

3. Log in to eSTORE by using GUEST ACCESS

4. Fill in personal details (automatic if you add your name)

5. Choose CREDIT CARD as the payment method

6. Add billing details (NOTE: If you are not in the USA, just add your CITY in the field 'STATE')

7. Add discount code after billing information

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems by email directly,

6 March 2021 : 21:54 pm


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