During recent years more and more research centres have been established. These offer various services focused on sharing information about the Rendanheyi model.

About Rendanheyi

Rendanheyi is a highly progressive management model applied by various organisations. The model – pioneered by Haier – is about unleashing entrepreneurship at all levels.

The Rendanheyi model allows organisations to remove traditional, top-down management structures while unleashing a hugely entrepreneurial network of microenterprises.

As CEO Zhang Ruimin says: “With the RenDanHeYi model we move away from being organised like an empire (with a traditional, closed pyramid) to be more like a rain forest (with an open networked platform). Every empire will eventually collapse. A rain forest, on the other hand, can be sustained.”

Literally, “Ren” refers to each employee, “Dan” refers to the needs of each user, and “HeYi” refers to the connection between each employee and the needs of each user.