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We believe that “Work can be redefined,for the benefit of larger communities,by supporting presence of individuals, enabling self-actualization of themselves, and by questioning the traditional approaches and habitude.

Restartlab is a cross-industry think tank organization that uses co-creation for solving real world business problems and redefining the "work" concept.

Restartlab aims to connect organizations to share and learn from each other, to cocreate new solutions to old problems, and use the wisdom of crowds to shape a better work for the future.  

Restartlab members focus on emerging hard problems of their corporates, use Agile practices,  design thinking and open innovation to create new approaches that can be immediately applied into their companies’ business today.  

At Restartlab, we bring together a broad network of experts and member organizations to identify needs, prototype emergent concepts, and bring new solutions to the market.

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